[Assembly 8086] Display ASCII Characters 80h to FFh

Question: Write a program to display the extended ASCII characters (ASCJI
codes 80h to FF_h). Display 10 characters per line, separated by
blanks. Stop after the extended characters have been displayed

.model small
.stack 100h

     mov cx,127
     mov bl,0
     mov ah,2
     inc cx
     cmp cx,255
     ja exit
     mov dx,cx
     int 21h 
     mov dx,32d
     int 21h
     jmp go
   inc bl
   cmp bl,10
   je nl
   jmp print   

    mov ah,2
    mov dl,0dh
    int 21h
    mov dl,0ah
    int 21h
    mov bl,0
    jmp print

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