Software Company-Wise Interview Experiences (Bangladesh)

This is my interview experiences as a fresher software engineer . I have tried to give an overview of the interview process that i faced. Do not take it personally.

AcknowledgementThanks to senior brothers of RUET and the software companies for calling me in the interview

Frontier Semiconductor  (2019)
Interview for : Software Engineer (Fresher)
Interview Type : Viva (Skype)
Status : Accepted and Joined  
Interview Summary:  
1. Data Structure - Heap, Max Heap, Min Heap
2. C++ and OOP - Class, object, function overloading, function overriding, how to override a function, virtual function, pure virtual function, template .
3. Assembly- Different kinds of jump instructions .
4. Digital Signal Processing - Time domain, Frequency Domain, Why do we use Fourier Transform? 
5. Data Communication/Networking : TCP, IP, UDP  
Comment (For CSE Background) : This is an exceptional interview than other company's interview. As Frontier Semiconductor develops research based software, so you need to be a computer engineer before a software engineer. Do not underestimates the important and core subjects of your syllabus. Remember that in future, you may work with NASA for generating  more clear Black-hole images . So you should have a mentality to become a good computer engineer and work with the core computer technologies.

Enosis Solutions (2018)
Interview for : Software Engineer (Fresher)  
Interview Type : 1st Phase ( Written)
Status : Not Accepted
Interview Summary:
1. Analytical Question: Monkey Bamboo Math, Father-Son Math, Work time math, Geomatry math
2. C++ Question : Reverse String, Read/Write from files, Stack push/pop operation, Duplicate Array etc.
3. Testing Question : Questions about HTML UI
Comment : One bad thing about this interview is that Enosis does not change their interview questions. I don't know why but this is a bad practice. So i found same questions that i practiced from the glassdoor ( Hurrah...). Though my written exam was good enough, I was not called for coding test (2nd phase). I did not participate in any NCPC or ICPC. May be that is the reason. So if you are a good NCPC/ICPC contestant then you will get a chance.

Selise (2018)
Interview for : Software Engineer (Fresher)  
Interview Type : Coding Test ( 8 hour )
Status : Not Accepted
Interview Summary:  
1. Implementation : finding maximum without sorting/ buit-in-function, left alignment of string
2. Data Structure : Tree Traversal (inorder/preorder/postorder)
3. Binary Search/ Bisection:  Finding square root of a number without sqrt or pow or any built in function
4. Big Integer: Multiplication of two big integer numbers.
Selise (2020)

Interview for : DevOps Engineer 
Task 1: Create a Multi Node Kubernetes Cluster
Task 2: Deploy a Simple Nginx Application in Kubernetes  
Status : Accepted & Joined

Comment: Good for Freshers. You can learn cutting edge technologies (Microservices,  Docker, Kubernetes, CI/CD, Cloud).

Samsung R&D (2019)
Interview for : Software Engineer (Fresher)  
Interview Type :1st Phase ( Online Coding Test on HackerRank)
Status : Got a Call for 2nd phase (Onsite Coding Test) but I declined
Interview Summary:  
1. Online Coding Test : Questions are from different Domains of HackerRank like Problem Solving, C, Math, Algorithm etc.
Comment :  Good thing about Samsung is that Samsung always mail me whenever they hire new software engineers (love emo). This is a good practice.

Therap (2019)

Interview for : Machine Learning Engineer
Interview Type : (Written) 

Question: Basic Python problem solving question, Implementation of CNN in tensorflow for handwritten digit recognition, Hyperparameter Tuning, Overfitting, Underfitting etc.

Telenor Health (2019)

Interview for : Python Developer
Interview Type : Coding Test

Task 1:

Task 2:



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