Linux Basic Commands Lab Exercise Solution

    1. Obtain the following results
      (i) To print the name of operating system
         cat /etc/*-release
      (ii) To print the login name
     (iii) To print the host name

2.    Find out the users who are currently logged in and find the particular user too.

Ans: who

3.    Display the calendar for
(i) Your Birthday month/year
(ii) Feb 2020
(iii) For the current month
(iv) Current Date Day Abbreviation , Month Abbreviation along with year

(i) cal 07 1999
             (ii) cal 02 2020

             (iii) cal

             (iv) date "+ %d %a %B %Y"

4.     Display the time in 12-Hour and 24 Hour Notations.
date “+%r” (12 hour) date “+ %R” (24 hour)
5.    Display the Current Date and Current Time.
date "+%d %r"
6.    Display the message “GOOD MORNING”+ YOUR NAME AND STUDENT ID as a string in enlarged

echo "GOOD MORNING  Shawon 01051750"
7.    Display the name of your home directory.
echo “$HOME”
8.    Create a directory SAMPLE_(YOUR STUDENT ID) under your home directory.

mkdir SAMPLE_01051750
9.    Create a sub-directory by name TRIAL_(YOUR STUDENT ID) under SAMPLE_(YOUR STUDENT ID).

mkdir SAMPLE_01051750/TRIAL_01051750
                      10.   Change to SAMPLE_(YOUR STUDENT ID).
         cd ..
11.     Change to your home directory.
        cd ..
   12.     Change from home directory to TRIAL_(YOUR STUDENT ID)  by using absolute and relative pathname.

       cd SAMPLE_01051750/TRIAL_01051750
   13.      Remove directory TRIAL_(YOUR STUDENT ID).

            rm -r TRIAL_01051750
  14.        Create a directory TEST_(YOUR STUDENT ID) using absolute pathname.

        mkdir TEST_01051750
  15.     Using a single command change from current directory to home directory.

        cd ~
16.     Remove a directory using absolute pathname.

       rm -r TEST_01051750/app
      17.   Create files myfile_(YOUR STUDENT ID) and yourfile_(YOUR STUDENT ID) under Present Working

        touch myfile_01051750 yourfile_0101750
    18.     Display the files myfile_(YOUR STUDENT ID) and   yourfile_(YOUR STUDENT ID).
     vi myfile_01051750
     vi yourfile_0101750

   19.           Append more lines in the myfile_(YOUR STUDENT ID) and yourfile_(YOUR STUDENT ID) files.

           echo "Appended Line " >>myfile_01051750
           echo "Appended Line " >>yourfile_01051750

     20.       How will you create a hidden file?

             touch .myfile_hidden
   21.      Copy myfile_(YOUR STUDENT ID) file to emp_(YOUR STUDENT ID).
      cp myfile_01051750 emp_01051750
  22.        Write the command to create alias name for a file.
      alias mf="myfile_01051750"
  23.      Move yourfile_(YOUR STUDENT ID) file to dept_(YOUR STUDENT ID).
        mv yourfile_01051750 dept_01051750
  24.       Copy emp_(YOUR STUDENT ID) file and dept_(YOUR STUDENT ID) file to TRIAL_(YOUR STUDENT ID)

       cp emp_01051750 dept_01051750 TRIAL_01051750
25.        compare a file with itself.
       cmp file1 file2

26.        Compare myfile_(YOUR STUDENT ID) file and emp_(YOUR STUDENT ID) file.

       cmp myfile_01051750 emp_01051750

27.        Append two more lines in emp_(YOUR STUDENT ID) file existing in TRIAL_(YOUR STUDENT ID) directory
      echo –e “line 1\n line2” >> emp_01051750
28.        Create and Compare employee_(YOUR STUDENT ID) file with emp_(YOUR STUDENT ID) file in TRIAL_(YOUR STUDENT ID) directory.

       touch employee_01051750  cmp emp_01051750 

29.        Find the difference between the above files.
      diff emp_01051750 employee_01051750

30.         Remove the files in the TRIAL_(YOUR STUDENT ID) directory.
        rm –r emp_01051750  rm –r employee_01051750
31.        Can you remove a directory with files by using a single command?  How, show it.
       rm –r *

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