Linux Process Troubleshooting KodeKloud




Go to all appservers and check httpd status

systemctl status httpd

If you find failed then the httpd config need to be changed of that server

Check the issue by typing httpd -t

go to httpd.conf by typing vi /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf 

Fix the issue. My issue was with SeerverName, so i fixed it by removing # comment


Press ESC button and type :wq! for saving

Install netstat tools 

yum install -y net-tools

Next check which service is blocking your port by typing this command

netstat -anp | grep LISTEN

Check which port is being blocked by another process. You can check your port from httpd config file. My port was 6100

Kill the process

kill -9 pid_number

Here pid number is 211. kill -9 211

Then restart httpd and check status

systemctl restart httpd

systemctl status httpd

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