Fix Issue with VolumeMounts in Kubernetes Kodekloud


Question: We deployed a Nginx and PHPFPM based setup on Kubernetes cluster last week and it had been working fine. This morning one of the team members made a change somewhere which caused some issues, and it stopped working. Please look into the issue and fix it:

The pod name is nginx-phpfpm and configmap name is nginx-config. Figure out the issue and fix the same.

Once issue is fixed, copy /home/thor/index.php file from jump host into nginx-container under nginx document root and you should be able to access the website using Website button on top bar.

Note: The kubectl utility on jump_host has been configured to work with the kubernetes cluster.


At first check the configmap to know the url and port, and page location. Here it is /var/www/html

kubectl get cm

Then export the pod yaml using this command

kubectl get po nginx-phpfmp -o yaml > /tmp/nginx.yaml

Edit the nginx.yaml. Replace all /usr/share/nginx/html to /var/www/html

Then force apply or replace the yaml

kubectl replace -f /tmp/nginx.yaml --force

Copy the index.php to /var/www/html folder of container

kubectl cp index.php nginx-phpfpm:/var/www/html

At last, check the site

kubectl exec -it nginx-phpfpm bash

curl -I http://localhost:8099

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