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Question: The Nautilus DevOps team is planning to test several Ansible playbooks on different app servers in Stratos DC. Before that, some pre-requisites must be met. Essentially, the team needs to set up a password-less SSH connection between Ansible controller and Ansible managed nodes. One of the tickets is assigned to you; please complete the task as per details mentioned below:

a. Jump host is our Ansible controller, and we are going to run Ansible playbooks through thor user on jump host.

b.Make appropriate changes on jump host so that user thor on jump host can SSH into App Server 2 through its respective sudo user. (for example tony for app server 1).

c. There is an inventory file /home/thor/ansible/inventory on jump host. Using that inventory file test Ansible ping from jump host to App Server 2, make sure ping works.


At first generate public key


Then copy the key to mentioned server

ssh-copy-id [email protected]

Finally run the ansible ping command

cd ansible/
ansible stapp02 -m ping -i inventory -v

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