Set Limits for Resources in Kubernetes Kodekloud


Question: Recently some of the performance issues were observed with some applications hosted on Kubernetes cluster. The Nautilus DevOps team has observed some resources constraints, where some of the applications are running out of resources like memory, cpu etc., and some of the applications are consuming more resources than needed. Therefore, the team has decided to add some limits for resources utilization. Below you can find more details.

Create a pod named httpd-pod and a container under it named as httpd-container, use httpd image with latest tag only and remember to mention tag i.e httpd:latest and set the following limits:

Requests: Memory: 15Mi, CPU: 100m

Limits: Memory: 20Mi, CPU: 100m

Note: The kubectl utility on jump_host has been configured to work with the kubernetes cluster.


vi httpd.yaml

apiVersion: v1
kind: Pod
  name: httpd-pod
  - name: httpd-container
    image: httpd:latest
        memory: "15Mi"
        cpu: "100m"
        memory: "20Mi"
        cpu: "100m"

 kubectl apply -f httpd.yaml

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