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Question: Sarah and Max were working on writting some stories which they have pushed to the repository. Max has recently added some new changes and is trying to push them to the repository but he is facing some issues. Below you can find more details:

SSH into storage server using user max and password Max_pass123. Under /home/max you will find the story-blog repository. Try to push the changes to the origin repo and fix the issues. The story-index.txt must have titles for all 4 stories. Additionally, there is a typo in The Lion and the Mooose line where Mooose should be Mouse.

Click on the Gitea UI button on the top bar. You should be able to access the Gitea page. You can login to Gitea server from UI using username sarah and password Sarah_pass123 or username max and password Max_pass123.

Note: For these kind of scenarios requiring changes to be done in a web UI, please take screenshots so that you can share it with us for review in case your task is marked incomplete. You may also consider using a screen recording software such as to record and share your work.


At first ssh into storage server

ssh max@ststor01

Give max password

The go to story-blog repository

cd story-blog

Pull the latest code and it will show merge conflict

git pull origin master

Then fix the story-index.txt file by fixing typos

1. The Lion and the Mouse

2. The Frogs and the Ox

3. The Fox and the Grapes

4. The Donkey and the Dog

Then type 

git add story-index.txt

git commit -m "fixed typo"

git push origin master

Give max credentials for git from the question

Then Click on Gitea UI, Login, and Check your commit.


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