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Question:  The Nautilus DevOps team is trying to setup a simple Apache web server on all app servers in Stratos DC using Ansible. They also want to create a sample html page for now with some app specific data on it. Below you can find more details about the task.

You will find a valid inventory file /home/thor/playbooks/inventory on jump host (which we are using as an Ansible controller).

    Create a playbook index.yml under /home/thor/playbooks directory on jump host. Using blockinfile Ansible module create a file facts.txt under /root directory on all app servers and add the following given block in it. You will need to enable facts gathering for this task.

Ansible managed node IP is <default ipv4 address>

(You can obtain default ipv4 address from Ansible's gathered facts by using the correct Ansible variable while taking into account Jinja2 syntax)

    Install httpd server on all apps. After that make a copy of facts.txt file as index.html under /var/www/html directory. Make sure to start httpd service after that.

Note: Do not create a separate role for this task, just add all of the changes in index.yml playbook.


Go to the mentioned folder

cd /home/thor/playbooks

Create index.yml

vi index.yml

hosts: stapp01, stapp02, stapp03
gather_facts: true
become: yes
become_method: sudo
- name: create a file using blockinfile
create: yes
path: /root/facts.txt
block: |
Ansible managed node IP is {{ ansible_default_ipv4.address }}
- name: Install apache packages
name: httpd
- name: file copy
shell: cp /root/facts.txt /var/www/html/index.html
- name: ensure httpd is running
name: httpd
state: restarted

Then run this command

ansible-playbook  -i inventory index.yml
Verify using curl http://stapp01, curl http://stapp02, curl http://stapp03

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