[Skype Bot] Automate and Schedule Your Everyday Skype Group Message using Python


At first install skpy

pip install SkPy

Then find out the group id of Your Skype

from skpy import Skype
sk = Skype("email","password")
channel = sk.chats.recent()

Then create a file named skype.py and paste this code with your credential

from skpy import Skype
def post_message(msg,channel_id):
"Post a message"
sk = Skype("email","password")
channel = sk.chats.chat(channel_id)
print("Message Sent")

post_message("Good Morning","[email protected]")

Now, create a cron job in your linux machine

crontab -e

0 8 * * 1-5  python3 /home/your_username/skype.py

This cron expression willl send message to your group on Monday to Friday at 8.00 AM

You can change the cron expression according to your needs. You need to keep your linux machine on for this task.

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