How to Install or Setup Elasticsearch, Filebeat, Logstash, and Kibana (ELK Stack) in Kubernetes Cluster




  1. Clone the repository
      git clone 
  1. Then add the helm repo
      helm repo add elastic
  1. Go to elasticsearch folder. Then Create and Apply the persistent volumes for elastic search.
      kubectl apply –f pv.yaml

          Install elasticsearch using helm values

      helm install elasticsearch elastic/elasticsearch --version="7.17.3" -f values.yaml
  1. Go to filebeat folder. Create and Apply the persistent volumes for filebeat.
      kubectl apply –f pv.yaml

            Install filebeat using helm values

       helm install filebeat elastic/filebeat --version="7.17.3" -f values.yaml
  1. Go to kibana folder, Install kibana using helm.
       helm install kibana  --version="7.17.3"  elastic/kibana

      Then change the host name according to your host name in ingress file and apply ingress

        kubectl apply –f .
  1. Go to logstash folder and apply the yamls
        kubectl apply –f .
  1. Check the pods and If all pods are in the Running status then go to your kibana host address to access the ELK


Video Tutorial 




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