Linux Bash Script of Automated m3u8 URL extractor and Playlist Creator from a Live IPTV Server


This is a Linux Bash Script that will automatically extract hidden m3u8 url from Live TV server  and Updated the extracted m3u Playlist and uploaded to Github in every 50 minutes by cronjob.

Live Updated Playlist :

Github Repository Link:

Bash Script

cd ~/scripts
httrack -i
echo "" > IPTV.m3u
echo "#EXTM3U" >> IPTV.m3u
for x in [player]*.html; do
  var=$(cat $x | grep -Eo "(http|https)://[a-zA-Z0-9./?=_%:-]*.[0-9]" | sort -u | head -1; echo "\n")
  echo "#EXTINF:-1, Channel $i" >> IPTV.m3u
  echo $var >> IPTV.m3u

cp IPTV.m3u ../../
cp IPTV.m3u ~/Development/Github/M3u8-URL-Extractor-from-Live-Server
cd ~/Development/Github/M3u8-URL-Extractor-from-Live-Server

git add .
git commit -m "Added Updated IPTV.m3u"
git push origin master

Create a scripts folder under Home of Linux and save the bash script as . 

Then install httrack by running this command

sudo apt install httrack

Then Run the shell script


A m3u Playlist named IPTV.m3u will be generated in the same folder.


*/50 * * * * sh ~/scripts/

If you want to push the m3u file to github after every 50 minutes then you need a create a github repository also and replace your repository path by mine in bash script

Live Updated Free IPTV Server Playlist :

Playlist Setup Video:

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