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At first Login to stapp01 server or the server that has issue

ssh [email protected]

Login as root: sudo su

Then check httpd 

systemctl status httpd

If the status is inactive then find the error by typing

httpd -t

Then go to httpd.conf by typing vi /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf

Uncomment ServerName


Save it by :wq!

Next check which service is blocking your port by typing this command

netstat -anp |grep LISTEN |grep ":3004"

Kill the process 

kill -9 pid_number

Then restart httpd

systemctl restart httpd

systemctl status httpd

Next add rules to the iptables

 Now check from Jump Server



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  1. Thank you for you explanation , Solution works.

  2. Very good topic, similar texts are I do not know if they are as good as your work out. check out this site

  3. Hey man, if you have the time to reply:
    I've tried changing the port used by sendmail from 8081 to 25 instead and then restarting apache.
    Even though it didn't appear on netstat, I wasn't able to start apache with the same problem as the begining ("socket couldn't start cause there's a different process using it" or something like that).
    I've had to try from the zero and kill the process instead of reallocating its port in order to get it working. Do you have any idea why it happened?