Brainstation23 DevOps Interview Task Solution


                               Brainstation23 DevOps Engineering Project Challenge

Task 1
Create a full project with code, deployment yaml and jenkinsfile in a github/gitlab/bitbucket

Source should be php laravel latest code. You will take that code and make 2 dockerfile to
create 2 docker image that displays following static html pages,

App 1 browser output: Hello I am App 1
App 2 browser output: Hello I am App 2

Host these docker images in your dockerhub account publicly. Create separate kubernetes
deployment, configmap, service yaml files. Service should be nodeport.
Include a nginx deployment that will serve app1 or app2 based on api address. Use nginx
official image and mount configmap to change configuration.
http://nodeip:nodeport/app1 displays app1
http://nodeip:nodeport/app2 displays app2
Deploy these applications in a lightweight kubernetes distribution of your choice. Kind, minikube,
k3s, k0s. Cluster should be 1 master and 2 nodes. Force app1 in node1 and app2 in node2 with
node labels or taints/tolerations, nginx can stay anywhere. Use configmaps for any environment

Create a docker compose file that runs a jenkins container. Create 2 jenkinsfile that builds and
deploys these 2 applications into your choice of lightweight cluster in your local machine.
Your solution should include step by step instruction to setup lightweight kubernetes distribution,
Your solution should include how to setup 2 jenkins pipelines that use jenkinsfile from your
public repository.

Your solution should include how to customize kubernetes deployment files to use docker
images built by the jenkins pipeline
Prepare readme in such way that anyone can start jenkins container using docker compose,
create 2 pipelines with your instructions, download your code using jenkinsfile from your public
repo, build code and push to their dockerhub account (show the way to input credentials to push
to dockerhub but DO NOT provide any of your credentials anywhere) and use those docker
images with kubernetes yaml files to deploy app1 and app2 into the lightweight cluster. You can
provide separate instructions to deploy nginx and update its config to point to app1 and app2.
Please keep in mind common anti-patterns, security concerns and suggest how your solution
can be scaled up in future. BONUS point for anyone that can successfully integrate any service
mesh to handle api traffic routing from kubernetes end.

Your folder structure should look like the following, src for source codes, build for dockerfile and
related settings, deploy for kubernetes yaml files.


This is a devops task that contains laravel app with jenkins CI/CD, Kubernetes Deployments with Nginx,Jenkins Docker container setup with docker compose amd Lightweight cluster setup


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