Covergo Senior Cloud Engineer Interview Test Solution



                              Covergo Senior Cloud Engineer Interview Test Solution

Please use Kind to create a local Kubernetes cluster
Add Makefile with commands (can be extended if required):
make up - creates Kubernetes cluster;
make deploy - deploy all required manifests, uploads images and etc;
make down - destroy Kubernetes cluster and all resources.
Expected Output:

Scenario 1: Create a multi-node Kubernetes cluster with Terraform.

Create TF scripts for deploying a multi-node Kind cluster
Name: new
Kind provider:
Nodes: 1 control plane and 2 worker node
Deploy the Kind cluster with Terraform.

Scenario 2: Create custom helm charts and deploy them to the Kubernetes cluster.

Task 1:
Create an HTTP application that shows the current time
name: app1
Inject environment variable with configmap:
variable: APP_NAME = CoverGo
variable: APP_VERSION = 1.0.1
Bundle application to the Docker image.
Upload the image to the Kubernetes cluster with the kind load command.
Create a custom helm chart that deploys 2 replicas of the application app1.
Schedule replica deployment on different worker nodes.

Task 2:
Create another HTTP application based on the Nginx image.
name: nginx1
Attach persistent volume:
size: 1Mb
mount path: /data
Create a custom helm chart that deploys 1 replica of the application nginx1.

Scenario 3: Test the network isolation and policy enforcement features of Kind.

  • Define network policies in a Kubernetes manifest to restrict network traffic between app1 and nginx1:
  • Deploy the manifest to the Kind cluster and ensure that it is possible to reach app1 from nginx1, but the opposite (from app1 to ng
  • inx1).
  • Verify that pods can communicate only with themselves based on the defined network policies.
  • from nginx1: curl http://app1:8282 <= works
  • from app1: curl http://nginx1:8282 <= forbidden

Scenario 4: Design a multi-stage deployment pipeline

Propose a solution for the app1 multi-stage release pipeline with assumptions:
Cloud provider: AWS, CGP, Azure (select one)
Environments: Dev => Prod
Repository: Github
Distribution: helm chart
Draw a principal diagram and add the required description. 


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